Please buy things from Remo

Remo is the sort of person who makes you feel good about yourself, just because he’s so fantastic, you can’t believe that he’s your pal. He’s kind, funny, very interesting. Remo has a vision for what commerce ought to be: Sharing quality things with friends. Buy it once, use it forever. Have fun. His store has taste, intelligence, and humor without even a hint of snobbery. This is the world as I want it to be.

I’m so hooked on his quirky website that I bought all of last year’s holiday gifts there. You should buy things from him. If you do, you’ll get a free T-shirt.

These are some of my favorite purchases (and perhaps also the wedding gift I need for later this summer):

The perfect ice cream scoop.

The perfect ice cream scoop

A screwdriver the size of a quarter.

A screwdriver the size of a quarter.

The classiest sporks EVER.


The perfect Bouncy Ball

The perfect Bouncy Ball

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